Why should I choose NayaCare?

NayaCare is comprised of dedicated physicians and providers who have experienced the newborn period in their professional and personal lives. They understand the challenges, questions, and apprehensions that simply cannot be addressed in the traditional 15-minute office visit.

Dr. Patel, the head pediatrician, has experienced four pregnancies, four diverse deliveries (c-section, VBAC: complication grade 3/4 tears, VBAC: natural, and VBAC: pre-eclampsia), breastfeeding problems, and postpartum depression. As a neonatologist, she has seen the stresses families go through, from an uncomplicated healthy newborn stay to a three month NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) hospitalization. NayaCare is designed to break down challenges and alleviate family stress so that moms, newborns, and families can focus on strengthening their bond.

Why are there packages? Why can I not pick and choose?

Packages have been created based on evidence-based literature. A combination of pediatricians, feeding specialists, and counselors address the three main issues of the newborn period: health of the newborn, breastfeeding or formula choices, and maternal wellness. This model also recognizes the mom and baby as a dyad, and the health of both is important in establishing a bond. This maternal-infant bond leads to improved infant and childhood development, decreased infant mortality, and decreased maternal depression.

I already have a Pediatrician. How will NayaCare play a role?

NayaCare provides a foundation of bonding, feeding and maternal-family wellness developed at your home with your goals.  With 60-minute appointments from our pediatricians and providers, we are able to give you customized care. We work with many pediatricians around town and would love to work with your pediatrician. With your permission, we will release any information about you and your baby for your pediatrician to access. After the first month, you will continue to see your pediatrician for continued infant care.

What is a Newborn Feeding Specialist?

A newborn feeding specialist is someone who is knowledgeable in both breast- and formula feeding. We obviously encourage breastfeeding. However, we recognize maternal choices and struggles. Improper preparation of formula has led to electrolyte imbalances in the newborn and subsequent hospitalization. A feeding specialist is used to prevent these problems from occurring and ensure the overall health of the newborn and mother.

Why does the Bronze package not include a newborn feeding specialist?

The bronze package recognizes that some moms have multiple years of newborn feeding experience that may make this service unnecessary. However, the bronze package still places value on the importance of maternal wellness in the newborn period.

Why don’t you accept insurance?

We accept Medicaid, but not private insurance. Upon request, we will give you a super bill after all services are completed. We don’t accept insurance because of the ever-changing uncertainty of deductibles and premiums placed on our patients. We want to be straightforward in the service and payment process. This also allows our pediatricians and providers a dedicated 60 minutes to you, your newborn, and family in the comfort of your home.

What is a super bill?

A super bill is a detailed receipt of all services we have provided which you can submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement. Once you have met your deductible, we find that our clients will almost always be reimbursed for a portion of the super bill from insurance, and at times are reimbursed for the full amount. Please contact your insurance company to discuss specifics and get an understanding of what you will be reimbursed for.

Should I still have insurance while in this program?

We strongly suggest that you have emergency insurance or keep your current plan for this month.

Ok, you talk a lot about research and the video was great, but where is the support?

Listed below are several scientific articles.

If this is model is so great, why isn’t it more available?

We agree! We have no idea!