In-Home Postpartum Care

Welcome to NayaCare! Our extensive postpartum care for newborns and mothers respects the mother-infant bond and acknowledges the needs of both individuals entering life’s new chapter. Home postpartum care has been shown to increase breast-feeding duration and reduce infant mortality, maternal depression, visits to the emergency room and urgent care, and hospital readmission.

Our postpartum care packages are designed to ease the transition from birth to home. Each package is two months in duration from the time of your baby’s birth. During those months, our pediatricians provide comprehensive medical care (newborn assessment, evaluation, and treatment) in the comfort of your home. All labs are included.

We recognize that not all moms are the same, and we specialize our packages based on your specific needs. 

We know that the health of both the mom and her baby is important during this period. Each home visit also screens for maternal wellness followed by a consult phone call at one month from our counselor. Below is an outline of how the visits are structured. During these months, NayaCare supports families with unlimited texts and phone calls.*

Payments are due at time of purchase. Health spending accounts are welcome and we also accept Medicaid. Upon request, NayaCare will provide a super bill of all services for you to submit to your insurance company. If services are requested beyond the packages, prices are listed below. Packages need to be purchased prior to other individual services rendered. If you have any further questions, visit our FAQ page or feel free to contact us!


60 minute Board Certified Pediatrician Visit
  • Initial Visit:
    • Review of Maternal, Pregnancy, Delivery and Newborn History
    • Assessment of Newborn
    • Evaluation and Treatment of Newborn
    • Assistance in Maternal Feeding Goals for the Newborn
    • Review of Safe Sleep Practices
    • Review of Maternal Wellness

*If the Pediatrician assesses that additional home visits are needed during the two weeks of newborn care and evaluation, the visits will be at no additional cost.


30 minute Maternal Counselor Phone Call
  • Comprehensive Screening for Postpartum Depression and Anxiety 
  • Evaluation of Maternal Wellness



  • Two (2) 1-hour home visits from Board-Certified Pediatrician
  • One (1) 30-minute tele-health mental health check in
  • One (1) 30-minute lactation consultation during a home visit
  • All indicated lab draws (Bilirubin, Newborn Screen)
  • Unlimited texts, phone calls* and support for one month.
  • One (1) 15-minute video education with a licensed pelvic floor specialist

* Unlimited texts/ phone calls during hours of Monday-Friday 7am-10pm. Saturday-Sunday 7am-1pm. Nationally recognized holidays 7am-1pm. After hour phone calls will be directed to Your Insurance Nurse Line.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Corey B.

“My husband and I have had an amazing experience with Nayacare! They have truly made our postpartum transition and experience so easy and peaceful. We have enjoyed our newborn and mama home visits for the first month of our babies life and it is so nice to have someone we can call or text whenever we have questions about me or the baby. It has been so nice to feel supported and understood in all aspects of the postpartum experience. We are grateful and thankful to be a part of this program and we can’t recommend it enough to any new mamas and dada’s out there!”

Sharanya P.

“We absolutely loved Naya Care! My husband and I were put so much at ease by Dr. Patel, when she came home the day after we returned from the hospital with our first newborn baby. Dr. Patel spent a lot of time patiently answering our questions and examining our daughter – this kind of time and attention is unheard of in a regular doctor’s office. Dr. Patel’s lactation consultation was invaluable and really helped me nurse my baby better and boosted my confidence as a new Mom! Dr. Patel was also promptly available to answer my concerns via texts and phone calls during those first couple of weeks, whether it was regarding breastfeeding or the baby. Naya Care is a wonderful service and initiative and I highly recommend this to all parents!”

Brenna Z.

“Dr. Patel came to my home for my son’s post delivery check up. Not only did she care for my son, but she helped me with feeding him. As a first time mom, I was overwhelmed by how challenging feeding my little one was, but Dr. Patel helped me figure out best positioning and nutrition to keep my little one fed and myself comfortable. Because she was able to see our environment, she was able to help me with positioning and literally climbed into my bed to show me how to feed him with the most comfort. Having Dr. Patel come to the house helped ease the anxiety and stress of getting my son to a doctors office while I was still recovering. My son is 2 months old, and she continues to give him excellent care. I’ve recommend NayaCare to all of my expecting friends and doula.” 

A La Carte Services

Mommy Check-In

1-hour home visits from Board-Certified Pediatrician/Neonatologist

Complete medical newborn care (review of history/physical)

Feeding/lactation review included during a home visit

All indicated lab draws (Bilirubin, Newborn Screen)

Blood pressure checks on all moms


Newborn Care at Home

1-hour home visits from Board-Certified Pediatrician/Neonatologist

One (1) 30-minute phone consultation with a Licensed Professional Counselor following the visit to be scheduled.

Complete medical newborn care (review of history/physical)

Feeding/lactation review included during a home visit

All indicated lab draws (Bilirubin, Newborn Screen)

Blood pressure checks on all moms

Unlimited texts, phone calls* and support for 5 days after visits.


Lactation Add-On

For any a la carte home visit
30-Minute Visit


Evaluation of Oral Anatomy

Clipping of Anterior Tongue Tie
Lactation Session to follow


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