On the last episode of the season, next level physician Dr. Sonal Patel and I took the conversation to another level as we chatted about getting past the fear and taking action anyway.

Highlights from the conversation:

Dr. Sonal Patel

● A board certified pediatrician, and the owner of NayaCare. Mother of four boys.

● Making a transition from practice to LLC took some soul searching and a lot of questioning. Thoughts like “Am I really going to give up on all of this?, “Is my training enough?”, were very present.

● Her turning point was the importance she gave to making sure that the parents and the family that you’re sending these kids to is also very well supported and nurtured, and the fast pace of a practice wouldn’t allow her to get to know them as much as she wanted to.

Stop Quoting It and Start Doing It

● Cognitive dissonance is when you want to do something but your thoughts are not consistent and there’s a lot of background noise in your head. What happens is that a business gets started by solving problems, and cognitive dissonance is one of them.

● A lot of doctors who want to be entrepreneurs listen more to the “but’s”. First of all, you can do A LOT. Look at the problem and tackle it methodically. If you know you are capable of everything you’ve accomplished so far, why are you afraid of starting this? Soon, it won’t be new and scary anymore.

● It’s great to continue your learning, but if you’re delaying your actions or business because of that, then you’re wasting time! So keep going. Don’t wait 2 years until after you’re done with coaching or any other education you have. Actually take action.

● Focus on one thing and make it your mission. Go back to it when you feel like you want to give up or delay your progress. This is what will keep you up during difficult times. Make sure it is a passion of yours. It will be easy to keep going with it, and you will feel good when sharing it with others, as well as inspiring them.

● Do not underestimate the value that you’re providing.

See you on the next one!

Hosted by: Dr. Maiysha Clairborne

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