Our first story comes from Chelsea. She and her fiance were very excited to be welcoming their first little one, but she realized that pregnancy, birth, and postpartum were going to be completely new experiences. 

She shares everything from craving fried chicken even though she had been a pescatarian for over 3 years to developing carpal tunnel and not feeling her baby kick until well into pregnancy.

Each one of these things was completely normal. 

Covid was not! That’s right. Chelsea delivered her precious bundle as the world was shutting down and her entire delivery and postpartum plan changed. 

Come to find out, delivery was the easy part. Postpartum was no cakewalk and while she’d done a ton of research, she didn’t know what she didn’t know. No one ever talks about what happens after having a baby.

We don’t talk about the erratic emotions or the never ending doctor’s appointments or all the new worries that take over your mind.

Listen as Chelsea shares her story and why she was so happy she found NayaCare when she did. 

Did you experience any of these same symptoms? How has Covid affected your pregnancy, birth, or postpartum? 

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