For Olivia, pregnancy was a bit of a surprise. She’d stopped taking her birth control pills for a few weeks and thought it would take longer to get pregnant.


One month later she had a positive pregnancy test.

Her pregnancy was typical. But the week before she was to have her little one, the world shut down. They’d already been preparing to change their plans as they realized how fast Covid was spreading, but they were not prepared for the new reality.

Added to the issue of the pandemic, one week after having their little one, Colorado had a record breaking winter storm roll through.

They tried as early as they did to involve their parents in their new little bundle’s life. Covid took some of that time away from them.

Listen as Olivia shares her story and the fears she had as she approached her due date. Every woman gets nervous before giving birth, but women giving birth during the pandemic had even more to worry about.

One of the biggest worries was not having a support system when they went home.

In some ways, for Olivia and her husband, this was a good thing. They became a stronger unit and were able to focus on them and their baby. In other ways, it dashed their dreams of how they wanted to present their precious bundle to their world.
How did you share the news of your little one with friends and family?