It didn’t seem like it was going to be all that bad! Lauren had her beautiful baby boy right as our area began to shut down. But she wasn’t at all prepared for how Covid impacted her postpartum care and journey.

Listen as she shares her story and why she’s so happy she invested in NayaCare for her postpartum care. 

Lauren and her husband were told that it may take a while for them to get pregnant. They began trying right after they got married, and surprise! In month one they had a positive pregnancy test. 

Her pregnancy went great. No crazy symptoms or issues. Then as she prepared to go into the hospital, things started to go sideways. 

She was supposed to have the support of her mom and her mother-in-law, but they weren’t allowed at the hospital. Her husband was allowed to be there, unmasked, but she had to labor with a mask on. 

The biggest challenge however came when they finally got home with their precious bundle. Their support system couldn’t be there to help them out.

Colorado was completely locked down at that time, so they couldn’t receive visitors. 

One thing that went right however was not having to go anywhere else for their appointments. Her home visits were a life saver.

Now that her family has been able to see their little one and they’ve been able to go out, things are looking up. She wishes she’d had those little moments earlier, but she’s soaking them up and so grateful to appreciate them to the fullest. 

Listen in to hear her full story and learn more about Lauren’s postpartum experience during Covid.

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