To go from not being sure you wanted to have a baby, to finally thinking now was the time, to being plopped into the middle of a pandemic would be a lot for anyone.

Meagan had been struggling with anxiety and depression and surprisingly, despite the hardships, had an amazing pregnancy. 

She never really pictured herself as a mom. When her mom moved back to her area, she knew that it was the right time to try.

After stopping all birth control, she was told it would take a while to get pregnant. After one cycle, the test said positive. 

She was pretty surprised despite the fact that they were trying. Her anxiety however did not spike. She managed her emotions and kept herself steady because she knew another life was depending on her to do it. 

When Covid became a reality her entire plan went out the window. Slowly but surely her family started moving out of the area and everything she had envisioned for her birth was turned on its head. 

Listen as she shares her story and how Covid affected her pregnancy and delivery. She thought in-home postpartum care was outside of her reach, but she was more than pleasantly surprised with what she found in NayaCare.

We were so thankful to be able to impact her postpartum healing in a positive way!

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