There was nothing else. Everyone needs to know about in-home postpartum care. At least that’s what Caitlin believes.

When she was pregnant with her second child she knew that she wanted a different experience. Listen to hear her story. 

With her first child, Caitlin thought being a former fitness instructor who’d worked out all through her pregnancy meant she’d have an easy postpartum experience.

Instead she found herself tired and suffering through the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with the postpartum experience.

With her second she knew she wanted a different experience. She found NayaCare and decided that no matter if insurance covered it or not, she wanted in-home visits.

Amazingly, insurance covered her visits and her pelvic floor therapy, so always remember to check!

Instead of feeling lost and confused while at a pediatrician’s office, she and her baby were able to stay home and receive the care they needed.

Her postpartum experiences were completely different and she would definitely recommend checking out in-home care, no matter your situation. 

Listen as she shares her experiences with both pregnancies and why she’s so adamant about the personal, in-home experience. She loved that her husband was included in the care plan and that she felt like her whole family was able to heal and transform into this new season of life. 

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