Emmy had a complicated pregnancy, but this time it wasn’t due to the pandemic. This was Emmy’s second child and her second high risk pregnancy.

She had her sweet little girl just before the world shut down. But, she still had to deal with Covid.  

Just after delivery, Emmy’s little girl was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition.

They soon found out that she would need surgery to correct the condition and they were right back in the hospital. 

Thankfully Emmy’s parents could watch their older daughter, but when they got home, the support ended. The lockdowns started and they were left without helping hands.

To say that she was excited about having home visits would be an understatement. 

In fact, the team of specialists who repaired her daughter’s heart were surprised to hear that Emmy and her baby would be safe at home. It was a good surprise! 

Listen as Emmy shares her story and why she wishes women and medical professionals talked about the perils of pregnancy more often.

Complicated pregnancies aren’t rare. Let’s normalize talking about them and raising awareness. 

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