I think at this point we can all agree that no two people have had a similar experience with Covid. This pandemic has rocked the bedrock of some of the most foundational beliefs we have.

Listen as Amanda shares her story of having to deal with not one, but two hospitalizations during Covid. 

Amanda and her husband were completing fertility treatments prior to finding out they were pregnant. In fact, they didn’t think it was even possible that she was pregnant at first, but luckily, it’d finally happened. 

Fast-forward several months and her husband found out that he had multiple hernias and it was imperative that they be corrected as soon as possible. This was just before hospitals began limiting the surgeries that they scheduled.

In fact, his was one of the last elective surgeries to be performed at their hospital.

In the meantime, their parents were getting their shots and taking precautions so they’d be able to help with their new grandbaby. 

By the time Amanda had her baby, everyone was masking, the state was locked down, and she was getting more and more nervous by the day. All of the doctors and nurses were in full-scale PPE.

She even had to labor through a mask.

Thank goodness for home visits during her postpartum period. 

Listen in to hear her whole story and get a new perspective on postpartum during the pandemic.

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