Can you imagine being told you may have to birth your baby at home, telephonically? Colleen didn’t have to experience that but some of the expecting moms in her circle did. Thank goodness she knew her rights, but her birth was anything but easy. 

Colleen works in the restaurant industry and her husband is a firefighter. They are both considered essential workers. During her pregnancy, Colleen traveled and when she returned home she found out she was Covid positive. 

Essentially it felt like a cold on steroids and luckily, this was prior to the hysteria that surrounded/surrounds the Covid pandemic. Rather than freaking out about the disease, she decided to stay calm and focused for her and the life of her unborn child. 

However, when it came to birthing her beautiful baby, things were a tad chaotic. From the number of hours she was allowed to labor, to the skill level of the nurses attending her, there were some issues.

Luckily, she and her baby came through the experience happy and healthy.

Listen in to hear her story and learn more about the effects of the Covid pandemic on the state of obstetrics in the United States. Thankfully Colleen found NayaCare after she had her beautiful baby, because she deserved the peace and reassurance of having someone else come to her for visits. 

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