Dear NayaCare Families, 

We are so excited to offer our new blog:  The Pediatrician meets the Nutritionist: Baby’s Introduction to Food.  Similar to breastfeeding, there is so much information leaving parents confused.  Moreover, everyone seems to have an opinion and judgement on whether puree versus baby-led weaning.   We want to cut through the fluff and provide vetted knowledge that you can apply.    

It is my pleasure to introduce Emily Pierson, a Certified Natural Foods Chef and Master Nutrition Therapist.  I met Emily through NayaCare.  (I love working with my moms!) She has a beautiful 6 month son.  Similar to many of you, she had questions regarding the introduction of baby food.  In our appointment, we both realized how much misinformation is out there.  

We will be following Emily and her son with their food journey on social media (Instagram, Facebook) and through our blogs.  How our program differs from others is because we will combine the Pediatrician and Nutrition perspectives to give you concrete information so you become empowered in your own journey.   We will also guide you through food concepts such as puree and baby led weaning.  We will present both ways so you can ultimately decide what is best for you and your baby.  Also, Emily will periodically share tips on how to incorporate certain food for the whole family.  

The general rule of thumb is start with what YOU feel comfortable with: puree, mashed, solid, bought or homemade. 

Happy exploring! Please feel free to ask any questions along the way and share with anyone that will benefit! 

Sincerely, Dr. Patel 

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